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Right Writing or Writing Right

In school, they teach you how to write. That is, they teach you how to put words together to create a sentence so it makes sense to a reader.  Is that writing? Yes and no. Yes, you are writing, but are you doing it in a way that it captures your reader? Honestly (and this may sting), no, you are not. Simply putting words into a sentence does not guarantee your reader will be moved by the text.  Let's take a look at a recent example of mine. This is from my new book Songweaver which will be out the end of 2017. Which opening line do you prefer?
We seek your appearance with all haste. Gray Star Tavern, Fallfell, was all the note said. It came with three rings, one made of wood, one of iron and one of stone.  “Fallfell,” Tomo said, “Thatd be way down south, other side of the great forest.” “I know.” Why would someone send a message a thousand leagues to hire me? I'm good at what I do, yes, but not so great as to be known throughout the lands.  “Shear, it's time.”
There is one imm…
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"Read it, ya slack-eared, short tusk mongrel" - Grormoth  Wraithmane


A bi-weekly newsletter will be emailed the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays each month. The first one will be delivered June 6th. The newsletter will be a fun and entertaining way for readers and I to interact with each other.

Some of what will be in the newsletter are:

A Feature article about... anything the readers want to know aboutGreat Deals I have found for Fiction books on Amazon (no I could not talk Amazon into cutting me in on the profits)Whats on my nightstand. Ill give honest reviews of what I like when I finished the books (yes its a large stack and I'm a slow reader)Whats currently on my desktop (that's right I have a gargantuan slow desktop computer that's totally outdated. I think its about two years old)Maybe throw q&a in there somewhereOr interviews with other authors
Tell me what YOU want to read and learn. I'll try to pack each newsletter with useful and fun information.

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Amazon UK Loves It

I am so happy and excited about my new book Darkwater. I am glad so many people are enjoying reading it. I had such a fun time writing the first volume of the series and am currently working on volume 2 entitled Shadowmage. It should be out around the end of August 2017.

New Book Available!

I write Fantasy Fiction novels that are available in ebook and paperback. This first post is to showcase my new book which is available NOW! on Amazon Kindle, Book Nook, and Kobo.

Darkwater - the Xenkur Chronicles is the first book in a series of 3.  Book 2 titled Shadowmage is scheduled to be available the end of August 2017.